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Prostate Cancer: Progress & Promise

A series of lectures featuring interactive expert roundtable discussions

Series Editor: Bruce A. Chabner, MD

This continues to be a time of rapid change in the field of prostate cancer therapeutics. This series of lectures and expert roundtable discussions summarizes the status of key new treatment modalities and their likely place in the management of this disease, outlines the next steps in their use in combination and in the adjuvant setting, and discusses ways they may lead to personalized therapies based upon biomarkers and genetic testing.

STO gratefully acknowledges support from multiple sources for this series. Specific acknowledgements are included within the individual activities.

Part V, January 2014

Progress and Challenges Towards the Personalized Treatment of Prostate Cancer
Yu Chen, MD, PhD

Targeting the Androgen Receptor: Past, Present and Future
Dana E. Rathkopf, MD

Bone Directed Approaches and Imaging Biomarkers
Michael J. Morris, MD

Blood-Based Biomarkers
Howard I. Scher, MD

Roundtable discussion Prostate Cancer: Progress and Promise, Part V
led by Dr. John Fitzpatrick with Drs. Yu Chen, Dana Rathkopf, Michael Morris and Howard Scher

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Part IV, October 2013

Circulating Tumor Cells in Prostate Cancer: The Premise and the Promise
Richard J. Lee, MD, PhD

Novel approaches for the unfavorable risk patient
Mary-Ellen Taplin, MD

Novel Therapies for Castration-Resistant Prostate Cancer
Matthew R. Smith, MD, PhD

The Genomic Architecture of Prostate Cancer
Levi A. Garraway, MD, PhD

Roundtable discussion Prostate Cancer: Progress and Promise, Part IV
Led by Dr. Dror Michaelson with Drs. Rick Lee, Mary-Ellen Taplin, Matthew Smith, and Levi Garraway

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Part III, September 2013

Personalized Medicine: Do we still have to treat everyone the same way?
Rob Jones, PhD

The current landscape in mCRPC: What's new?
A. Oliver Sartor, MD

Tailoring Treatment: Optimizing Outcomes with What Is Available Now
Howard I. Scher, MD

Roundtable discussion Prostate Cancer: Progress and Promise, Part III
Led by Dr. Chris Parker with Drs. Oliver Sartor, Howard Scher, Rob Jones

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Part II, September 2011

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Part I, April 2011

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