About our initiatives

STO conducts meetings as a forum for the exchange of current findings in cancer research and treatment. Information is communicated and disseminated through symposia, workshops, colloquia, lectures, poster and poster presentations.

STO's meetings attract attendees from all over the world and provide educational and networking opportunities for the practicing oncologist, physician-scientist, and other professionals dedicated to the care of cancer patients.

Molecular and Precision Medicine (MAP) Series The goal of the inaugural MAP series is to educate health care providers and team members, including industry partners, about the basics of genomics, understanding genomic reports including variants of unknown significance, and therapeutic application. Ultimately, we seek to accelerate the clinical development and clinical application of precision diagnostics and therapies for patients with cancer and to improve the outcomes for patients who are battling this difficult-to-treat disease.

The Society for Translational Oncology Fellows’ Forum (STOFF) is a unique platform for discussing the constantly evolving issues around, and the barriers to, successful translational research. It brings together prominent scientists, clinicians, ethicists, industry representatives, and biotech investors who merge their knowledge to mentor young investigators in this challenging undertaking.

Chabner Colloquia The Chabner Colloquium provides a dialogue that influences trial design, hastens cancer drug development, and, long-term, will rationalize and lend efficiency to the practice of oncology.