Lillian L. Siu, MD, FRCPC, FASCO

Independent Director

Lillian L Siu, MD, FRCPC, FASCO,  is the 2024–2025 President-Elect of the AACR. She is the senior medical oncologist at Princess Margaret Cancer Centre since 1998 and has been a Professor of Medicine at the University of Toronto since 2009. She is the Director of the Phase I Program and Co-Director of the Bras and Family Drug Development Program at Princess Margaret Cancer Centre and holds the BMO Chair in Precision Genomics (2016-2026). She is also the Clinical Lead for the Tumor Immunotherapy Program at Princess Margaret Cancer Centre. Lillian served on the Board of Directors for the American Society of Clinical Oncology (ASCO) for a four-year term (2012-2016). She also served as a member of the Nomination Committee for the American Association for Cancer Research (AACR) (2014-2016) and on the AACR Board of Directors for a three-year term (2017-2020).

Lillian’s major research focus is in the area of new anticancer drug development, particularly with respect to phase I trials and head and neck malignancies. She is the co-Contact Principal Investigator of a phase I cooperative agreement UM1 award sponsored by the United States National Cancer Institute. In addition to her active research in early phase clinical trials, she has been leading genomics initiatives and immuno-oncology trials at the Princess Margaret Cancer Centre. Together, the three programs of drug development, cancer genomics and tumor immunotherapy form a triad of synergy that supports the institution’s core vision to deliver precision cancer medicine.

Internationally, Lillian was the recipient of the US NCI Michaele C. Christian Award in Oncology Drug Development in 2010. She has been awarded the TAT 2020 Honorary Award for contributions in the development of anticancer drugs.

Lillian has published over 370 peer-reviewed manuscripts and is currently Editor-in-Chief of the journal Cancer Research Communications, and is on the editorial board for JAMA Oncology, Cell and Cancer Cell.

Lillian was a founding faculty member of Advanced Clinical Trial training in China (ACT-China). A collaboration between STO and the Chinese Society for Clinical Oncology (CSCO), leaders of ASCO and the European Medicines Agency (EMA) provided both tutelage and encouragement that helped train a generation of China’s rising stars in oncology who are now conducting cancer clinical trials.

After earning her medical degree at the University of Toronto, Lillian completed her fellowship at Princess Margaret Cancer Centre, and completed drug development fellowships at Princess Margaret Cancer Centre and the University of Texas Science Center San Antonio.