John Cahill

John Cahill is the Executive Chairman of IPG Health. John began his healthcare career at the Kolling Institute of Medical Research in NSW Australia investigating immunoregulatory pathways in inflammation and solid tumors. He then brought his medical science expertise to Technicon Pty Ltd, exploring laser-enabled cytology for the identification of blood borne disease, and then to Merck Sharp and Dohme Pty Ltd, working on new NSAID releases. John has been a driving force in establishing and growing what is now the IPG Health’s global healthcare offering. Early in his career, John co-founded CWFS Advertising, a leading health communications company in Australia and New Zealand, which was acquired by IPG in 1996. Following the acquisition, John led McCann Health Asia-Pacific where he grew specialist healthcare units in key markets across the region, each one demonstrating best-in-class solutions for the network’s healthcare clients. Under John ’s leadership, McCann Health APAC has been named Specialist Agency of the Year in one or more key markets every year since the awards inception. In 2009, John assumed responsibility for both McCann Health EMEA and APAC and in 2011, he was appointed Global CEO of the McCann Health network. In 2020, he was appointed Executive Chairman of the IPG Health network, working closely with IPG Health’s CEO, Dana Maiman. IPG Health is one of the world’s largest healthcare marketing communications group with over 6000 experts across all six continents working with the world’s leading life-science companies. John has 24+ years of experience in building one of the industry’s largest global healthcare operations with an unparalleled reach and footprint, based on expertise and well-defined community needs to better service global clients.

Under his leadership IPG Health’s global footprint has more than doubled in size with comprehensive offerings combining science, strategy, creative, and data services to deliver best-in-class solutions to clients and the world’s medical communities.

In 2020, John was recognized as Med Ad News’ “Industry Person of the Year.”

In addition to working with many of the top life sciences companies, John has a keen personal interest in global and public health and acts as an advisor to many organizations in this arena. His areas of endeavor include the Framework Convention on Tobacco Control, Pandemic response and Pandemic Preparedness and Resilience with the World Health Organization; Maternal and Early Childhood Health (EWEC) with the UN; Polio Eradication with UNICEF; and being part of a multidisciplinary team assisting health improvement with many of the world’s major governments. Driven by John’s abiding interest in public health, the agency has worked closely with the USAID, GIZ, World Bank, PEPFAR, and the Clinton Global Initiative. John firmly believes effective communications, based upon a true global empathy, is a massively untapped resource for improving lives worldwide.