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Economic Burden for Informal Caregivers of Lung and Colorectal Cancer Patients
Courtney Harold Van Houtven, Scott D. Ramsey, Mark C. Hornbrook, Audie A. Atienza, Michelle van Ryn

This study quantified the economic burden for informal caregivers of lung cancer and colorectal cancer patients, by cancer type, phase of disease, stage at diagnosis, patient age, and relationship, and found this burden to be substantial.
Prostate Cancer: Progress and Promise - September, 2011: ...
Moderator: Bruce A. Chabner
Treatment of Frail Elderly Patients with Multiple Myeloma
Joan Blade, Jamie Cavenagh, Heinz Ludwig...
Consolidation and Maintenance Therapy in Multiple ...
Thierry Facon, Ulf-Henrik Mellqvist, Antonio Palumbo...
High-risk Multiple Myeloma: Definitions and Treatment ...
Herve Avet-Loiseau, Michele Cavo, Hermann Einsele...
MM Treatment Strategies – An European Perspective
Heinz Ludwig
Protons for Prostate Cancer: Beams, Dreams, Schemes and ...
Jason A. Efstathiou, MD, PhD
Roundtable: The Growing Complexity of Treatment Choices ...
Drs. Chabner, Smith, Feldman, J. Efstathiou, E. Efstathiou, and Sartor
Androgen Receptor Antagonists
Dana Rathkopf, MD
Taxanes: Pivotal Agents in the Management of Metastatic ...
Oliver Sartor, MD
New Prognostic Biomarkers
Ronald A. DePinho, MD
Redefining Early Detection and Predicting Outcomes of ...
Martin G. Sanda, MD
Is Prostate Cancer Responsive to the Immune System?
Charles G. Drake, MD, PhD
Exploring the Complexities of Androgen Signaling in ...
Eleni Efstathiou, MD, PhD
Bone-Targeted Therapy for Prostate Cancer
Matthew R. Smith, MD, PhD
What Patients Value When Oncologists Give News of Cancer ...
Anthony L. Back and Susan B. Trinidad