Chabner Colloquium

Founded by Dr. Bruce A. Chabner, this annual colloquium spanned over a 10 year period, presented in joint partnership with the Massachusetts General Hospital Cancer Center, encouraged dialogue among experts on topics that brought cancer biology to clinical application. The Chabner Colloquium was an intensive and thoughtful look at the potential for rational, collaborative drug development, tapping into the resources of government, pharmaceutical and biotech companies, and globally statured cancer centers of excellence.

It focused on new targets and their interventions; strategies for profiling and selection of patients for targeted drug trials; and biomarkers and animal models to guide clinical development, the entire drug development process is represented. The Chabner Colloquium provided a dialogue that influenced trial design, hastened cancer drug development, and, long-term, will rationalize and lend efficiency to the practice of oncology.

More information about our 2021 Molecular and Precision Medicine (MAP) Series can be found by following the link below.
MAP Series