Chabner Colloquium and 2017 STO Annual Meeting

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Session 1:
New Insights into DNA Repair and Drug Response

Targeting the ATR Kinase in Cancer Therapy
Lee Zou, PhD
Lecture: Audio|Slides

PARP Inhibitor Resistance and Acquired Vulnerability in Ovarian Cancer
Alan D’Andrea, MD

Assessing DNA Repair in Clinical Trials
Ted Hong, MD
Lecture: Audio|Slides

Session 2:
Targets That Defy Effective Therapy

Developing Therapies for Ras-driven>
CancersKaren Cichowski, PhD
Lecture: Audio|Slides

Is FGFR Inhibition an Effective Target in Gastrointestinal Tumors?
Lipika Goyal, MD
Lecture: Audio|Slides

Intergenic Fusions in Advanced HR+ Breast Cancer
Leif Ellisen, MD, PhD
Lecture: Audio

Session 3:
Promising Drug-antibody Conjugates and Cell Death Pathway Inhibitors

Genomic and Functional Characterization of Patient Derived Xenograft Models of Small Cell Lung Cancer
Anna Farago, MD, PhD
Lecture: Audio|Slides

Antibody Drug Conjugates for Triple Negative Breast Cancer: Targeting Positive in the Negative
Aditya Bardia, MD, MPH
Lecture: Audio|Slides

PARP in Breast Cancer
Steven J. Isakoff, MD, PhD

Session 4:
Junior Faculty Forum

Ex Vivo Profiling of PD-1 Blockade Using Organotypic Tumor
Russell Jenkins, MD, PhD
Lecture: Audio|Slides 

Financial Toxicity of Cancer
Ryan Nipp, MD, MPH
Lecture: Audio|Slides 

Improving Therapy for EGFR-Mutant Lung Cancers
Zosia Piotrowska, MD
Lecture: Audio|Slides 

2017 Acknowledgments

The Society for Translational Oncology gratefully acknowledges support of this activity from:

EcoR1 Capital