Addressing Racial Disparities in Cancer Care

Although this series is no longer available for CE credit, we invite you to explore the resources created for each activity in order to continue the awareness and education about racial disparities in cancer care. We hope these resources provide great insight and help your team and other healthcare professionals continue to minimize racial disparities for patients with cancer.

About this Educational Initiative:

This innovative five-part educational initiative, “Addressing Racial Disparities in Cancer Care,” was designed to highlight and address common elements for optimal patient care (for all tumor types) with an emphasis on access to care, improved healthcare practitioner-patient communication, and management of immune-related Adverse Events (irAEs). The education focused on building an enhanced awareness of disparities and their impact, recognition of potential treatment barriers, and inspiring HCPs to address the critical need for improved action plans and change in practice behaviors to ensure equitable delivery of care.

Healthcare disparities are defined as occurring when two people at equal cancer risk and who have equal harm-to-benefit ratio from the cancer are not managed equitably. Unfortunately, certain groups in the U.S. bear a disproportionate cancer burden compared with other groups. Those disparities are reflected in differences in cancer measures, including incidence, screening rates, stage at diagnosis, mortality/morbidity, and survival.

The educational content included:

    • Prostate Cancer: Community Education and Disparities in Diagnosis and Treatment [Monograph]

    • Adherence to Endocrine Therapy and Racial Outcome Disparities in Breast Cancer [Monograph]

    • A System‐based Intervention to Reduce Black‐White Disparities in the Treatment of Early Stage Lung Cancer [Monograph]

    • Perspectives from a Multidisciplinary Oncology Team on How to Reduce Racial Disparities [Webinar]

    • Multidisciplinary Team’s Role in Reducing Racial Disparities in Cancer Care [Infographic]

We invite you to explore the source materials for the monographs, watch the recording of the panel discussion from the webinar, or explore the infographic by clicking on the links above.

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Fostering Equitable Cancer Care

Poster presented at the ASCO Quality Care Symposium shows the transformative results of this educational program designed for multidisciplinary healthcare professionals

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These activities were supported by an educational grant from Merck Sharp & Dohme Corp.