2017 STO Fellows’ Forum (STOFF)

October 12-15, 2017 Lansdowne in Leesburg, VA 2017 STOFF Agenda (PDF)

Scholars' Presentation Summaries

Topic: Personalized Cancer Treatment Bruce A. Chabner, MD Summary (PDF)



Topic: Issues in Design of Translational Research Trials Susan Hilsenbeck, PhD Summary (PDF)



Topics: IRB Issues and Translational Research PI Responsibilities and Conflict of Interest Stacey Berg, MD Summary 1 (PDF) | Summary 2 (PDF)



Topic: CAR T Cell Therapies for Myeloma Eric Smith, MD, PhD Summary (PDF)



Topics: Phase 1 Clinical Trials: Hypothesis Testing How to Write a Grant Keith Flaherty, MD Summary 1 (PDF) | Summary 2 (PDF)



Topic: Lessons From Translational Research in Myeloid Leukemia Ross Levine, MD Summary (PDF)



Topics: Cancer Drug Development: Views from Industry and Academia Introduction to Drug Development Bernardo Goulart, MD, MS Summary (PDF)



Topic: The Cost and Value of Cancer Medicine
Thomas G. Roberts, Jr., MD, MSoc Sci Summary (PDF)



Topic: The Cancer Genome Atlas (TCGA)
William Kim, MD Summary (PDF)



Topic: Guidelines for Good Basic Research
Mark W. Duncan, PhD Summary (PDF)



Topic: Immune Checkpoint Inhibition in Advanced Cancer
Michael Postow, MD Summary(PDF)



Topic: Pharmacogenomics
Peter H. O’Donnell, MD Summary (PDF)



Topic: Oncology Drug Development: A Regulatory Perspective
Tatiana Prowell, MD Summaries (PDF)

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