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STO Fellows' Forum (STOFF)

The Society for Translational Oncology Fellows' Forum (STOFF) is a 3-day intensive forum that brings together fellows and junior faculty within 5 years of training completion from the leading medical, surgical, and radiation oncology subspecialty fellowships to educate rising stars in translational cancer research.

The number of scholars selected for participation in this workshop will be limited to a total of 25 in order to have ample opportunity for one-on-one interface with the prestigious faculty as well as peer-to-peer networking.


STOFF has received international acclaim for its focused, practical, and personal approach to preparing oncologists to conduct cancer drug research. The broad-based curriculum covers a range of topics related to new drug development. Expert faculty will lead discussions and present important information regarding preclinical and clinical evaluation. The discussion will include a focus on validation of targets and biomarkers, and confirmation of mechanism of action and resistance in clinical trials. These trials will also address racial and age-related disparities. Participants also learn the mechanics of grant-writing and guidelines for good basic research.

STOFF's impact is global as its alumni will conduct research that will have worldwide influence.

STOFF 2017

October 12-15, 2017
Lansdowne in Leesburg, VA
2017 STOFF Agenda (PDF)

Presentation Summaries

Check back often for updates and additional presentation summaries. Note that summaries for some sessions will not be posted.

Topic: Personalized Cancer Treatment
Bruce A. Chabner, MD
Summary (PDF)

Topic: Issues in Design of Translational Research Trials
Susan Hilsenbeck, PhD
Summary (PDF)

Topics: IRB Issues and Translational Research
PI Responsibilities and Conflict of Interest
Stacey Berg, MD
Summary 1 (PDF) | Summary 2 (PDF)

Topic: CAR T Cell Therapies for Myeloma
Eric Smith, MD, PhD
Summary (PDF)

Topics: Phase 1 Clinical Trials: Hypothesis Testing
How to Write a Grant
Keith Flaherty, MD
Summary 1 (PDF) | Summary 2 (PDF)

Topic: Lessons From Translational Research in Myeloid Leukemia
Ross Levine, MD
Summary (PDF)

Topics: Cancer Drug Development: Views from Industry and Academia
Introduction to Drug Development
Bernardo Goulart, MD, MS
Summary (PDF)

Topic: The Cost and Value of Cancer MedicineThomas G. Roberts, Jr., MD, MSoc Sci
Summary (PDF)

Topic: The Cancer Genome Atlas (TCGA)William Kim, MD
Summary (PDF)

Topic: Guidelines for Good Basic ResearchMark W. Duncan, PhD
Summary (PDF)

Topic: Immune Checkpoint Inhibition in Advanced CancerMichael Postow, MD

Topic: PharmacogenomicsPeter H. O’Donnell, MD
Summary (PDF)

Topic: Oncology Drug Development: A Regulatory PerspectiveTatiana Prowell, MD
Summaries (PDF)


The Society for Translational Oncology gratefully acknowledges educational grants in partial support of this activity from:

EcoR1 Capital
Takeda Oncology