Global Harmonization of Cancer Trials is an STO-guided initiative to enhance and support the development of novel strategies for improved cancer treatment and prevention. STO has established a special Mission Advisory Board of global luminaries to help guide this strategic initiative to harmonize universal standards for clinical trial protocols.

The COVID-19 pandemic created a world-encompassing public health crisis. As a result, regulatory agencies, under emergency circumstances, adapted and created novel pathways to address this global health crisis.

As the world continues its recovery from the COVID pandemic, the lessons learned about the power of mutual understanding, integrating research and clinical care with technology, utilizing advanced analytics, and employing digital health solutions should now be used as a model to enhance the regulatory infrastructure to conduct globally-coordinated clinical trials with efficiency and appropriate inclusivity reflecting the diversity of patients with cancer.

The imperative is clear when we realize that more than 10 million will die of cancer in just this year.

Global Harmonization of Cancer Trials aims to build a global network of medical collaboration to create congruency and expedite the translational process by:

  • Identifying the area(s) of harmony among principal regulatory agencies, initially with those in the United States, China, Africa and Europe, with other nations’ agencies added as the initiative expands
  • Identifying how and why some regulatory steps are not in harmony with other agencies
  • Identifying time efficiencies by optimizing channels of effective inter-agency communications
  • Preparing pathways to address fundamental, traditional, and cultural differences that have been barriers to earlier collaborations

Coming soon, discussions on…

How global harmonization will accelerate the development of novel and improved strategies for cancer treatment and prevention

Economic impacts on drug discovery and development costs when drug development is harmonized in these four geographic areas of the world

Development of an interactive, international database of individuals and their Global Harmonization priorities

Enhancement of remote and/or hybrid models of cancer clinical trials

Patient identification and enrollment in cancer trials

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