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Taking the Next Steps: Collaborating, Networking, Innovating

This multi-media portal with a global reach was created to help oncology professionals provide the highest level of care from screening and prevention to diagnosis, treatment and management of patients with cancer. This easy-to-use platform encourages the exchange of insights and innovations to develop best practices and to foster future research ideas.

Register now and join your fellow oncologists and oncology healthcare providers as they view, vote, and comment on Challenging Cases.

Developed in partnership by The Oncologist and the Society for Translational Oncology.

AlphaMed Press is committed to improving the health and lives of its employees and their family members by maintaining a culture that fosters healthy lifestyles and providing support when a diagnosis of cancer becomes a reality. For more information on the CEO Cancer Gold Standard™ and the web-based accreditation process and support, please visit www.CancerGoldStandard.org.